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Giving a Presentation


A pitch deck is a presentation, often created using PowerPoint, used to provide your audience with a quick overview of your business plan. You will usually use your pitch deck during face-to-face or online meetings with potential investor (s), customer (s), partner (s), and co-founder (s). Below are the steps to create a compelling pitch deck for investors .

Pitch deck says who you are and what you do. This is why it is very important to keep your pitch deck short and simple and very compelling.

How to make a Pitch deck and what are the key points to include in a Pitch deck so to make it an awesome pitch deck ever ?

Step by step slides in a Pitch Deck:

1. Introduction (First page of Pitch Deck)

Who are you and why you're here? Keep it short and simple.

2. Problem (Second page of Pitch Deck)

What problem are you trying to solve? Is it really a problem?

3. Solution (Third page of Pitch Deck)

Describe how are you planning to solve the problem.

4. Product or Service you are offering (Fourth page of Pitch Deck)

How does your product or service actually work? Show some examples.

5. Advantages (Fifth page of Pitch Deck)

What makes your solution special? How are you different from others?

6. Market (Sixth page of Pitch Deck)

Know, or at least attempt to predict, the size of your target market.

7. Business model (Seventh page of Pitch Deck)

How are you planning to make money? This is the most important part an investor would like to hear.

8. Competition (Eighth page of Pitch Deck)

Who are your competitors who are already working on the same problem you are trying to solve? What makes you different ?

9. Financial Projection (Ninth page of Pitch Deck)

Showcase your existing revenue, financial sheets (if available).

What kind of funding and how much funding are you looking for and how you are going to use that money ?

10. Team (Tenth page of Pitch Deck)

Show the people behind the idea and describe their role and background.

11. Contact (Last page of Pitch Deck)

Leave your contact details and let people know how to reach you quickly.

Keep in mind of the Do's & Dont's of a Pitch deck. For further resources you may contact us regarding an effective and powerful Pitch Deck.

To save your time and resources, we can make a powerful and awesome Pitch Deck for you. Because we know what Investors like to hear.

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