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Covid 19



Things to do in Omicron :

1. Wash your hands frequently with a soap. 

2. Use Hand Sanitizer (with minimum 60% alcohol in it) to kill the virus.

3. No handshake. 

4. Maintain distance of minimum 3 feet with anyone. 

5. If you are not well, have cough, cold, fever, wear a Mask and self quarantine yourself. Do not go out. Take a test and medicine.

Consult your doctor.

6. Do not panic in cold, cough. Chances are high that it is a normal flu because of weather change. But, get your test done. Stay isolated.

7. Avoid gatherings. 

8. Do not touch surfaces often. Wash your hands with soap after touching. You may use sanitizer too.

9. Avoid touching your face, virus enters from eyes, nose, mouth. Keep yourself and surroundings sanitized.

10. Do not fall under rumours and do not create fear and panic among people. 

11. Eat well (eggs, meat works) that makes you strong from inside and sleep well.

If you are a Researcher and currently working on any effort to combat the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic

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You may reach out to us. We have some resources for you that may help you in your research.

Coronavirus: Welcome
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